Rent a Car Prague, Czech republic.


General terms

The lending prices include costs for repairs and upkeep and average insurance for the Czech Republic, too. The customer pays for the fuel.

The day rate means 24 hours from the start of the loan.We will charge you another day rate if you overstep this term for more than 59 minutes. The minimum loan term is 1 day [24 hours].

It cannot be in any combination of the other kinds of rates and the car has to be given back to the station where the loan began – if nothing else have been agreed.

Minimum age and driving license

The minimum age to borrow a car is 21and all drivers have to own the driving license for more than 1 year.


All cars have got the average insurance only for the Czech Republic [with a user’s participation].

How to acquit of the user’s participation

You can acquit of the participation by paying a supplementary charge according to a king of the car.

Average insurance for abroad

The user is obliged to let the lending office know about a journey abroad and pay an extra charge for the average insurance for abroad for a certain time.

Accident insurance

This insurance doesn’t refer to carried people and luggage.

Airport / hotel supplementary charge

We charge you an extra charge to start the loan in the airport or in a hotel.


The customer can use to pay an invoice or, too.


Reservations are accepted only for a price list group and not for a concrete type of the car.

  • prices in the Czech currency
  • draw the car near in Prague is free of charge
  • unlimited kilometers
  • insurance included

Changes in car types, prices and conditions are reserved.

The lending rules adjust obligatory lending terms

Other documents are:

  • loan list including wording of the loan contract and account for the lending price
  • price list

The lending office concludes with a citizen of companies {user} a loan contract for a loan / hire of a car until / till.

The lending office has a right to with draw from the loan contract and apply for the damage compensation if the user breaks the lending terms.

He has to evidence his identity by his identity card or by another document {passport, certificate of birth etc.} and own the driving license for more than 12 months.

The company presupposes to know names of all drivers who will have a right to use the car.

The customer pays for the loan against the car. The customer pays 100% of the price for a long-termed loan always one month ahead.

We proceed according to the legal regulations with a possibility to exact the payment by the proceeding at law if the user doesn’t pay in time.

The lending office has a right to require the lending price or an advance on the contract conclusion.

The lending office is obliged:

To pass over a clean car with an equipment according to valid regulations and a full tank.

To pass over all the operational documents

Introduce the user with the operational and technical instructions and present the function competence and the car equipment.

The lending office has a right:

To apply for the damage compensation if the user causes damage, misappropriating or demolition of the car or of its part

To charge costs connected with washing, cleaning or disinfecting of the soiled returned car

The insurance company covers the proven costs in the case that the user doesn’t cause the fault of the car {the insurance company decides about the cost reasonability}.


Every car has insurance for the case of damage, misappropriating and demolition. The passengers {seats} are insured, too.

The lending office also covers the legal damage responsibility insurance.

This insurance is concluded according to valid regulations and terms of Èeská pojišovna.

The insurance doesn’t refer to damage caused by infringing the public notice number 99/1998 Sb.

The insurance also does not refer to damage caused by the infringing the lending rules or technical terms.

The user is obliged to let the lending office know about the insurance event if other injured people have a right of the legal insurance.

The lending office exacts a right of recovery if the user doesn’t fulfil this duty.

The user covers insurance for abroad and other insurance or extra insurance above the insurance frame and he is obliged to ensure them ahead in the lending office.

These terms don’t limit the regressive right of the insurance company.

The lending office reserves a right to request the damage compensation that was not covered by the insurance company.

The car abroad

The user is obliged to let the lending office know that he is going abroad with the car at least five days ahead.

The lending office marks its agreement into the loan list and displays a confirmation for the custom organs.

The user is obliged to proceed like in the Czech Republic and contact an abroad insurance company co-operating with Èeská pojišovna a.s. on the misappropriating, damage or accident.

The lending office covers repair costs up to 2.000,-- CZK if it is necessary.

The lending office covers the settlement up to 1.000,-- CZK against the defective spare parts if the user uses his own ones.

The lending office reserves a right to judge the exchange serviceability.

Draw near and return the car

The car can be drown near or be also to another stipulated place {not only in the lending office}.

The calculation includes the costs for this service according to the price list / in Prague free of charge, outside Prague 6,50 CZK/km.

The user is obliged to return the car clean and with a full tank.


The lending office reserves to declare the car as misappropriated and immediately

Inform the police if the user doesn’t return the car in the appointed day and hour.

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